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It’s been far too long! I haven’t posted on here in what feels like forever – but finally after settling into uni and getting prepared for my first hand in I feel like I have the time to get back into this. I’ve missed it too much to just give it up. So me and Sophie from Set In Style are actually on the same course together at Southampton Solent University and we’ve asked eachother to model for our editorial trend pieces – we thought we may as well grab some blogging pictures while we were at it. I’m still trying to find nice locations for blogging around my area of Halls but we’re getting there!

Anyway – I’m literally loving my course at university and loving living down here in Southampton. I’ve settled in perfectly and it definitely feels like a second home to me. Getting back into the swing of things is feeling great.



Ten Tonne Skeleton & Embracing the Pale

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| Skirt – House of Sunny | Body – Boohoo | Jacket – TK Maxx | Bag & Hat – Ebay | Sandals – H&M | Sunglasses – Missguided |

For so long now I’ve been completely in awe of House of Sunny – to be quite honest who on instagram hasn’t?! So when they contacted me wanting to work together I was over the moon! Originally I did order the white denim skirt but it just wasn’t quite right for me. Nicely enough of them they let me wait for the amazing CRAKK skirt to come back into stock and exchange. Now isn’t it incredible! I can’t get over the amazing print, it’s also made out of pretty nice wool and I think I’ll be able to handle wearing it through the not so sunny days of August. I’m in awe (see last picture).

Also. I’m not sure if you can tell here – but I’ve scrubbed off all of my fake tan and have decided to embrace the pale! For as long as I can remember I wanted to be tanned instead of this ghostly natural colour. When I was about 14 I discovered fake tan and finally had foundations that suited the rest of my body. I haven’t really ever looked back since. I’m sick of hearing how beautiful tanned skin is, there isn’t really enough of just how beautiful all skin is. Even pale. Soon after I’ve settled into university, I’m going to vow not to false tan for at least a month. I think I may record a blog post about it and how I felt throughout the process – please let me know if any of you would be interested in hearing this.

Ps. 4 days until I move to university! I’m so excited. I apologise if my posts are sparse over the next couple of weeks whilst I settle in. Talk soon,


Loose Change

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| Cardigan (I got a L for length and an oversized look), Hat, Tshirt – Next | Faux Leather Jeans – New Look | Scarf – (cute little shop in my local town) | Sandals – H&M | Sunglasses – Topshop (years old) | Bag – Hugo Boss via Excel Clothing |

Here I am with my first outfit post since Reading (1 week later, oops) and I’m finally realising it’s the begining of Autumn and if I’m honest I’m actually really excited, I love Autumn. No more fake tanning every three days so I don’t appear ill with my legs out, plenty of layering which means more I’m fun and experimental with my style and I finally fit in with my wardrobe palette of dull, dark colours ;).

I picked up a few gorgeous pieces from Next with my discount before it dissapears when I move away to university – this amazing cardigan, hat and oversized striped tshirt (I got it in a mens XL). I also got a few more lovely things but I’ll save those for another time. I’ll be back again soon! Loves,

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The Edit Magazine – Launch Party

I had such an epic night last night. Ella from Ella Violetta was kind enough to invite me to the launch party of a magazine she’s a part of. The night was held at Cottrell House near Wembley Stadium. The night was full of food, drinks, and mad dj/live music sets! I met sooo many awesome people too . Everyone that’s part of the team deserves everything that they’re going to get from this whole thing they’ve started. The Edit magazine is a new up-and-coming mag full of music, culture, fashion and art. I’m so excited! Good luck guys! You’ll go far. Ps a VLOG will be coming up soon on my youtube channel.

Shoutout to the epic djs/performers that I’ve managed to find!
x/cape –
Tiana Major 9 –

Picture Credit to my girl Ella Ribak

What I wore:

The Vibes:

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Get The Look For Less | Julianne Hough

julianne hough

Get Julianne Hough’s fabulously chic look here!
Mixing nudes, beiges, pinks and whites looks gorgeous. If you can’t splash out on those Kurt Geigers – Ebay is always the one!

Get The Look For Less! Miley Cyrus No.2 (Love her style)

miley cyrus 2

I love, love, love lace bustiers/cropped corsets they’re so beautiful but I can’t find one anywhere in the UK! I’m going to have to get one shipped over from the USA, EXPENSIVE! But totally worth it. Here’s another one of Miley Cyrus’ street looks for you.

1. Lace Bustier – Nasty Gal £24.80
2. Denim Shorts – Topshop £28
3. Sunglasses – ASOS £16
4. Bag – River Island £25footer
5. Checkered Shirt – New Look £17


cheryl cole

I found this picture of Cheryl Cole taken back in January, but I still look it! The sort of all grey look with the cami and jeans, with a simple straw fedora and ankle cuffed sandals.

1. Fedora – Forever 21 £10.80
2. Cami – £7.99
3. Necklace – River Island £5
4. Skinny Jeans – Topshop £38
5. Shoes – New Look £19.99