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| Trench Coat – H&M | Tshirt & Sunglasses – Primark | Shorts – Missguided | Socks – HUF | Shoes – Vans | Backpack – Ebay | Snapback – Duck Denmark c/o of Karma Loop UK |

So this is my last post as a University fresher student! My first year at Southampton Solent has been the best year of my life so far, it’s been so good for me. Moving out, becoming independent, choosing the right course, becoming a Raven (who I’ve been announced as the Kit Coordinator/Treasurer for next year’s squad!), joining a student ran record-label to run the fashion side of things. I’ve found myself a lot more too, I’ve become much more confident. It’s been such a great year, I’ve met such a sick group of people that I feel like I really will keep in touch with for a long time.

Anyway, this outfit is just something I wore to go and shoot my final editorial photo shoot. Me and my model Nichole Goodall ended up taking a load of blog pictures too. She’s yet to make her blog but for now her instagram is:



It’s Always Like This

DSC_1712small DSC_1727small DSC_1730small DSC_1792small DSC_1811small


| Top & Bag – Missguided | Jeans (similar) – Forever 21 | Shoes & Hat – Ebay | Sunglasses (similar) – Topshop |

This is the third look from my Missguided haul! I love this crop top, it’s so cute. The colours are just beautiful! I have a short torso so it did fit me a bit longer than I’d of liked but I just folded it up a little. I’m also featuring the gorgeoussssssss baby blue bag I had in my last post. I feel like this just has a pretty retro vibe, snapback, canvas shoes and baggy jeans. Very different for me but I like it I think!

The haul is now uploaded on my youtube by the way! Feel free to check it out.


What I’m Listening To: Work have started playing Bombay Bicycle Club – Always Like This and now I’m obsessed! Also superrrrrrrr excited to see Paramore again this year at Reading, so I’m having a good ol’ sesh of their songs they’ll most likely play.

December Catch Up and my 18th Birthday! ♥

I have been pretty bleak on here over December! Mainly because of work. As anyone who works in retail knows you have ZERO free time during the month of December, especially if you are a student too! Plus everything Christmassy and all that is all about family to me so any free time has been spent with them. I do although, have plenty of outfits lined up for the new year and am going to try and make a round up video of all my favourites from this year (trends, items etc.) tomorrow and get it live on the 1st! (I said I’ll try).

Before anything Christmassy/Birthday related, at the beggining of this month I finally got my Bershka voucher code that I won from Kavita @ shewearsfashion.com which I was so happy that she picked me to win! The products arrived a week or two before Christmas and I love everything in it! You will be seeing EVERYTHING in outfit posts very soon, but here’s a picture of it all for now, to keep you guessing!


I got some lovely things for Christmas and earlier in the year I got my laptop from my mother and stepdad so I wasn’t expecting much but they still spoilt me with some things I love bless them! My favourite let my nerdy side out. It’s an awesome giant Superman lego clock! Then I got loads of little beauty bits and a wicked Wonder Woman dressing gown which I adore ♥. Later on on the evening I headed off to my boyfriend’s dad house and dressed up a bit more than I had been earlier in the day, I didn’t get the chance to get any proper pictures but I went for a burgundy/purple, white and gold look with a burgundy/purple velvet top, a white midi skirt and white and gold sandals. I teamed this look up with my favourite YSL purple lippy and I’ve worn it everyday since, it just made me love the colour even more! I got to my boyfriend’s dads and got all my fab presents off him (including my favourite Jordans in the world, the retro 5s in the Oreo colourway!!!!!!!!!!!! Also some awesome custom Elite Socks with the Versace logo and a Brooklyn Nets cap which is so, so sick and Demi Lovato who is my absolute IDOL’s new book)

(A couple selfies and crappy photographs for you to get an idea.)

OOTD:Top – Thrifted, Skirt – Missguided, Shoes – Next, Jewellery – Michael Kors, New Look & Morrisons.

FOTD: Foundation – Estee Lauder Double Wear in shade Fresco, Contouring – Studio Line Palettes, Eyeliner – Soap & Glory Cat Eye, Mascara – Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam (shade-black) & Lips – Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture: The Mats in shade 205.

4 days after Christmas every year it’s my birthday! And this year on 29th December 2013, I finally turned 18 yay for me! Unfortunately I have no ID so I can’t even go out for new years eve :(. Long story but basically I ordered my provisional licence on the 4th of December and still had heard nothing back, so today I went into the post office and it turns out they’ve lost my letter. Included in there is a £50 postal order they charged me £56.25 for, my birth certificate and it also cost around £15-20 extra to send it all off special delivery, first class signed for etc. Which was supposed to guarantee that this WOULDN’T happen. So I’m not happy in the slightest, I’m down with money and have to go through this whole process to claim my money back :(. I still had a really good day yesterday though! We went to a restaurant that serves loads of different foods in a buffet like Indian, Chinese, Italian etc. Had some lovely cocktails too, my favourites were Blue Lagoon and Long Island Ice Tea! Luckily I wasn’t asked for ID there. I must be the only 18 year old in the UK who didn’t have ID on their 18th birthday! How sucky.

Birthday 29/12/2013 ♥♥

OOTD: Dress – Thrifted, Hat – Kangol @ TK Maxx, Shoes and Necklace – New Look

LOTD: (Basically the same as Christmas day)

Speak soon lovelies.

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3 Ways to Wear Tartan, pt.3



Tartan Skirt – Exciteclothing.com
Vest, socks, shoes, bag, sunglasses & necklace – eBay
Versace denim jacket – vintage
Chain bracelet – Next

Michael Kors astor bracelet

As I said, the other week I was contacted by Excite Clothing. This skirt here is one of the items I chose to blog about! It’s this gorgeous, stretchy tartan print skirt with a zip straight through the front. What I really love to is that it actually unzips! Most things just have decorative zips, fake pockets etc. but I loved this. It’s also so comfy, I have worn it all day to college and it hasn’t irritated my one bit. It’s fits so nicely!

I teamed this beautiful skirt with my boyfriend’s Versace denim jacket (which I bought him for his birthday a couple weeks ago), a loose black vest, my new cut out booties with cute frilly socks and my eBay bargain bag! Looks a bit like a Vivienne Westwood logo huh? I wish it was! You can’t see all of my jewellery very well but I am wearing some of my favourites – lion head necklace, chain bracelet, anniversary ring and my perfect Michael Kors Astor bracelet off Tom. Of course I had to add a pair of sunnies too!

This isn’t a very out there outfit for me, I think it is pretty casual and ‘average’ for me, but in a way I just love it, especially the comfort :-). I am trying to find the time to blog as much as I usually do and get my second youtube video done but I am SO swamped. All I seem to do is go to college and work, work, work! It’ll sort out soon, promise.

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Brooklyn ’96.

DSC_0073 DSC_0080 DSC_0090 DSC_0124 DSC_0132 DSC_0135


This jersey here is one of the gorgeous items I picked up after being announced one of the winners of TK Maxx’s 50 ways to wear it competition. I actually picked up quite a few similar t-shirts out of my spendings which I will definitely be posting about soon!  I paired it up with my Next ribbed knitted pencil skirt which I adore, it’s so comfy and warm. It’s going to be perfect for the Autumn/Winter seasons!

The boots I am wearing are one of my usual cheeky little finds on eBay, I did post a few photographs of them a couple posts back! I just love them, they’re so pretty. They seem to be based loosely on the timberland boot but a lot more minimalist and girly. Perfect <3. The final touches were my second hand clutch and leaf necklace plus a gold chain anklet again from ebay!

I’m so sorry I’ve been extremely inactive the past few weeks, I’ve been working like mad before I have to go down to a couple of hours a week due to college! Which I am starting again Friday by the way, it’s going to be so weird getting back into the routine of things, although I will love being surrounded by all my fashion styling work as well as my day to day outfits. I honestly cannot wait until I’m back! The college has been a bit rubbish though, they’ve kicked the fashion students out of the FASHION ROOM?! For meetings and offices.Even though it was built for all of us just last year! Bit silly if you ask me. Anyway, talk tomorrow mwah.

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Coachella 2013 Fashion!

Coachella 2013

Photograph credits – Vogue.co.uk, Refinery29.com

As always I adored the fashion at Coachella this year! Crop tops, bandeaus  bustiers, hot pants, tropical prints, bright colours, denim! Hopefully I can make it next year or 2015 to see it all first hand. I will create another board for Coachella soon with more items on, I just wanted to get the photographs/inspiration and items on the same board for now. Hope you love this fashion too!