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| Snapback & Sunglasses – Primark | Bra – Urban Outfitters | Top – Unknown (borrowed from a friend, Nichole) – Shorts – Missguided | Jacket – Versace (Thrifted) | Bag – C.P Company | Socks – Nike | Shoes – Adidas Superstars |


Surprise I found more old blog pictures I forgot about! These are from a while back. On the day I shot my magazine editorial from my final project at university, me and my friend, Nichole, decided to grab a couple of blog pictures. It was so handy having some of both our wardrobes there so we mixed it all up haha.

The location here where I shot my editorial is so pretty. That strange pyramid building (I think it’s a hotel) is so nice as well as all the ruins we’re actually shooting on. I love being down here in Southampton!



Horizon | End of University Year One

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| Trench Coat – H&M | Tshirt & Sunglasses – Primark | Shorts – Missguided | Socks – HUF | Shoes – Vans | Backpack – Ebay | Snapback – Duck Denmark c/o of Karma Loop UK |

So this is my last post as a University fresher student! My first year at Southampton Solent has been the best year of my life so far, it’s been so good for me. Moving out, becoming independent, choosing the right course, becoming a Raven (who I’ve been announced as the Kit Coordinator/Treasurer for next year’s squad!), joining a student ran record-label to run the fashion side of things. I’ve found myself a lot more too, I’ve become much more confident. It’s been such a great year, I’ve met such a sick group of people that I feel like I really will keep in touch with for a long time.

Anyway, this outfit is just something I wore to go and shoot my final editorial photo shoot. Me and my model Nichole Goodall ended up taking a load of blog pictures too. She’s yet to make her blog but for now her instagram is:


How I Style: River Island Kimono #1

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| Kimono – River Island c/o Asos | Top & Sunglasses – Ebay | Shorts – Missguided | Sandals – Primark | Snapback – H&M |

Current Project: Styling this beautiful River Island kimono 5 different ways thanks to the amazing ladies @ Asos Fashion Finder. Feeling super lucky right now! It’s so comfortable and easy to wear even though it’s super patterened somehow? It’s lined nicely inside too, not just the usual shabby kimono fabric which is aweeesome. 4 more looks to come up! Exciting.

Me and Tom went on more of an adventure today filming and taking photographs, it was pretty fun haha. We went down the woods/bike tracks behind my house, not having been down there in a while we thought it’d be nice! Not much has changed at all. Still such a pretty place to visit.

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Live & Let Go | How I Style: White Chunky Sandals (Look 2)

DSC_0414 small DSC_0444 small DSC_0460 small DSC_0491 small DSC_0508 small DSC_0509 small DSC_0536 small DSC_0543 small DSC_0559 small| Hat – Kangol, Bag – TK Maxx | Top – DIY Cropped, Necklaces – Primark | Shorts – Levis @ Ark | Sandals – Ebay | Sunglasses – Topshop | Kimono – Missguided |


Here’s the second look from ‘How I Style: White Chunky Sandals’! Video will be up soon promise, having some problems with my editor :(. I went for a festival look here yano, Coachella weekend 2 all that! Thought it’d be good to show you all how I dress for festival style (Reading I’m ready for ya).

These Levi’s were like the first piece of clothing Tom bought for me about a year ago (with his only £20 he had left how cute) from Ark. They used to be a bit big on me, but since getting healthier they fit me well now, even a bit too tight on those thighs oopsie. Ft. My fave Missguided kimono again, I seriously can’t get enough what is life? And one of my old Primark boyfriend T-Shirts me and my stepsister ripped and sew to make it into a cropped top.

Thre on some Primark necklaces, huge bug eye sunneis from Topshop and my fave floppy hat from TK Maxx (Kangol). Video will be soon promiseeeeeeeeee. Loves

company_style_blogger_awads_nominate_me_badge-OOBT1cWhat I’m Listening To Today: I’m having a cheesy song moment sry

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DSC_0191small DSC_0193small DSC_0207small DSC_0209small DSC_0213small DSC_0216smallHYPE!/LOOKBOOK.NU

This is just what I wore yesterday to college for a photoshoot! I’ll post the pics soon. I tried to vlog it all but I got so busy and only managed to get video of makeup and hair so it’s pointless editing and uploading :(. Anyway, I love these fishnet sockies, amazing H&M jumper and surprisingly awesome Primark sandals!

The day turned out pretty great in the end and the photos are amazing! The original model I was using couldn’t make it in the end so I had a last minute switch. The models suited perfectly and really did look and give off a whole Bonnie and Clyde feel. I got loads of pictures outside on the canal out the back of my college as well as a few shots in the studio with props.

It really was a great day, fun as well as getting my work done! I’ll fill you in more soon, loves.

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DSC_0059small DSC_0073small DSC_0093small DSC_0100small DSC_0111small DSC_0113small DSC_0118small DSC_0124small DSC_0128small DSC_0129small DSC_0135small DSC_0141small DSC_0142small DSC_0147smallHYPE!/LOOKBOOK.NU

♥ | Snapback –H&M | Coat – Thrifted | Jumper – Primark | Jeans – Ebay | Shoes – Office | Bag – Ebay similar | Sunglasses – c/o Karma Loop UK via The Blogger Programme | ♥

Delay in outfit posts ah I know! I’m trying! I’ve been so busy with work and college, I have one of my final photo shoots Monday, it’s been manic trying to get everything sorted. Originally I was doing a 1920’s photoshoot in a bar setting with a flapper girl and guy jazz violin player (we had to pick a decade) but all the clothing I planned on using at college disappeared somehow? So anyway, I changed to a whole Bonnie and Clyde theme (more 1930’s, also easier to shop for in the charity stores!).

So today last minute, my ONLY day off everything I had to run manic around town thrift shopping and trying to find everything I need. I’m nearly sorted now! I just think I’ll have to run around Monday morning, I still need a trilby hat and some pinstripe trousers for the guy model. ANYWAY about the outfit…

You’ll of seen these shoes in my February Haul and maybe my coat if you follow my instagram. How gorgeous is this Kimmy K coat, found it while charity shopping with some people from college on Friday after the opening of the new Kemp Hospice store. It was only £5.99 whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat *minion voice*. Anyway this outfit is just super comfy and warm. Loves! I have a DIY ripped knee jeans video coming up and some more outfits planned. Talk soon, mwah.

 PS: Keep posted on my videos here
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January Haul| H&M, USC, Primark & Forever 21♥♥



I finally went real life shopping… rather than just through a computer screen? What is going on… I dragged Tom to the Birmingham Bullring after I got my hair done to spend some £££. I didn’t have ridiculous amounts to spend so I was quick to pop into Topshop etc. and cry because I couldn’t afford everything I fell for and moved on to slightly cheaper stores that I love! First came USC as it was right by the entrance, then my fave Swedish fashion house, and then I moved on to Primark and one of my fave stores in the worldddd Forever 21! This is what I got…. 
DSC_0929DSC_0933This was my first purchase, Tom actually picked it out and knew I’d love it haha. I have a recent crazy obsession with grey as well as my usually monochrome looks. I don’t know what it is I just think it’s so pretty! This is just a simple top I can throw on over any jeans and it’ll still look cool cause of the knot detail.

DSC_0935Okay I’ve been DYING for a leather skirt since my thrifted one fell apart (which funnily was from H&M too). I love the little buckles on either side of this one, and it comes up higher than then usually do so it’ll cover up my current pot belly left over from Christmas. 

DSC_0943These are the most colourful thing I bought the whole day, definitely feel like a princess in them. Hahaha. I love bustiers rather than just bra’s, their so much cuter just coming down that little bit further. H&M honestly has some of the most beautiful underwear in at the moment!

DSC_0950I haven’t owned a leotard in a few years, the last one I got was this distressed American flag one from Primark. With my grey obsession surfacing again I couldn’t resist this one. Under the leather skirt too!

DSC_0952My sporty craving came out when I saw this, and the fact it’s roughly cropped made it stand out even more to me, I tried it on with the leather skirt to make sure it suited me and it looked awesome! That skirt goes with anything…

DSC_0954Forever 21 jewellery, isn’t it just the cutest. Such a good price too! This necklace was about £3, it’s so pretty. 

DSC_0955This ring was in the sale for only 99p so yeah that’s my reason…

DSC_0956Versace look a like print and sporty need I say more 

DSC_0957This cropped hoodie is just so comfortable, it’s really nice to just chill around the house in. I will also wear it to the gym when I join up again… (funny)

DSC_0959As soon as I walked into Forever 21 I spotted these boyfriend jeans on a rail, first of all I tried on the size 28 hoping they would fit as they were the smallest I could find (I’m usually a 26 in high waisted things, if I can get them over the booty). Unfortunately they didn’t 😦 but I went back to where I found them, and I found a smaller size yay.

IMG_7618This is such a nice tank top, just simple grey and white yet with a pretty design (wonder who it’s meant to mimc?)

DSC_0963I’ve been seeing these on instagram for ageeeeeees and really wanted one! Last time I went in Primark I could only find colourful ones, there was no black or cream! This time though there was just one black one left in my size so I had to get it.

DSC_0965I found this gorgeous jacket on a sale rail for just £10!!! I could only find it in a size 18 at first then I found this one, the only other one and okay I got super excited.

DSC_0966I’ve had a broken purse for about 2 months and I thought it was finally time I invested in a new one. My old one didn’t even have a popper on it anymore, oops.

DSC_0967A pretty belt for £1 okay


Everyone that knows me knows I love Bambi ridiculous amounts, so when I saw this I basically cried and needed it yep that’s my reason.
I will try to get a video done on all this too explaining everything a bit more but I barely have time for videos anymore I’m so busy :(. But you will definitely be seeing some outfit posts featuring all of this at some point soon. Talk soon lovelies.
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