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It’s been far too long! I haven’t posted on here in what feels like forever – but finally after settling into uni and getting prepared for my first hand in I feel like I have the time to get back into this. I’ve missed it too much to just give it up. So me and Sophie from Set In Style are actually on the same course together at Southampton Solent University and we’ve asked eachother to model for our editorial trend pieces – we thought we may as well grab some blogging pictures while we were at it. I’m still trying to find nice locations for blogging around my area of Halls but we’re getting there!

Anyway – I’m literally loving my course at university and loving living down here in Southampton. I’ve settled in perfectly and it definitely feels like a second home to me. Getting back into the swing of things is feeling great.



Rihanna For River Island Faves.

Rihanna For River Island Faves.

I’ll be straight, I think Rihanna’s last collection for River Island was much more me, a lot more ‘classy’. But the time she’s gone for the whole ‘G’ look and she’s pulled it off. There are plenty of items I would absolutely love to wear but the thing that kills it for me is the ‘G 4 LIFE’ text. I literally have fallen in love with the baseball jersey dress, it’s so perfect and so perfectly me and then I looked at the back of the image and I just can’t bring my self to wear it! I did however, find another jersey dress I love. I am a huge fan of basketball jerseys and basketball the sport itself, so this is so me! Such a feminine way to go about it.

However there are a few items without the text on which I absolutely adore and am still thinking of getting, my next favourite is the cropped jersey, I am LOVING the yellow she has stuck into her AW13 collection, also barely there sandals are my fave so I had to throw two pairs in that I loved. I don’t usually go for camo but Ri has made these sandals look so chic.

The denim jacket! Oh lord it’s so beautiful, I did have my own one very similar, it was vintage actually. However, it has just disappeared and I am clueless as to where it’s gone. It’s really upset me actually I’ve had so many opportunities that I have wanted to wear it and just couldn’t! The other little bits I love are the plain black bralet and the faux fur backpack. I’ve been looking for a simple bra/bralet like this, plain black and this one right here is so cute. I also have so many backpacks, I’m just too obssessed with them and would kill to add this to my little collection.

So I can’t say I’m an absolutely huge fan of the collection this season but there are a couple gems I genuinely do really, really like! Shop my choices here:

| Baseball Dress | Jersey DressDenim Jacket |Crop Jersey | Bralet | Black Sandals| Camo Sandals | Backpack |

Avenue 32 Wishlist

av 32

So I recently discovered the amazing Avenue 32. It’s so beautiful! Of course I cannot afford anything from there but I can still wish okay? I haven’t done wishlist in quite a while as I have been doing a lot more outfits and ‘Get The Look For Less’ images. My favourite designer I have seen on there so far is this french label ‘Carven’. Original designer/owner Madame Carmen de Tommaao broke through the Haute Couture world with a fresh and new style in the forties. From 2009, Guillaume Henry has kept the Haute Couture years in site while now offering Ready-To-Wear inspiration and accessible clothing. I love the whole idea around the design house and just their clothes are gorgeous.

1. Printed Silk Blouse
This shirt has such a nice vintage feel to it! The pattern is so pretty and just the fact it’s silk I think makes me fall in love! I’m still to purchase my first silk shirt but one day I will have one from Carven’s collections!

2. Crushed Wool Shorts
Okay so these are I think my favourite overall! It’s just completley sports luxe. So fabulous! I love how even though they look sporty they are still smart and tailored! Perfect ♥.

3. Leather Cut Away Skirt
I LOVE LEATHER! I think you all know that by now! I’ve been having a little look everywhere for the perfect leather skirt and I’ve found it here. It’s classy, not too short and it’s not just a simple leather. It has texture and detailing, I love it.

4. Crushed Wool Skirt
Carven are absolutely KILLING it with their skirts and shorts! They’re all so perfect hehe. This is the same sort of fabric as the grey shorts on the list too. They look so comfortable! Like I could just wear it for a whole day at college and just feel all snug still!

5. Printed Agathe Bag
This is so nice, it sort of reminds me of what people who enjoy exploring carry cans of water in, Indiana Jones style. But, once again Carven have added a perfect ammount of chic to yet another item.

6. Bamboo Print Top
I wasn’t too sure on this top at first, it stuck out to me but I was unsure why! Then it clicked, IT’S BRIGHT ORANGE. Under all that print and the white sleeves the bright orange colour sneaks out (my favourite colour by the way). It’s so shiny too!

7. Carbon Drape Jacket
Finally here there is this furry collar jacket! Like it or not, Winter is on it’s way and in a few months we will all need our furry collars and our warm jackets. This fits so well for in between autumn and winter. It’s not too big and clunky for autumn and it’s not to bare and thin for winter. I also adore the colour!

♥ To shop Carven on Avenue 32 click HERE ♥

Avenue 32 is a luxury brand retailer, holding brands such as Carven, J.W Anderson and BLK DNM, three of my favourites! They have a huge collection of national and even international collections, they even have express delivery! Each designer has their own ’boutique’ space on the site for a chance for you to view the fashion house on it’s own and have some insight into their creative processes. It’s such a great idea and website, it’s sleek and easy to get around! You should most definitely go check them out.

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