Video Blog: Venice ♥

I was lucky enough to head off to Venice just after my birthday with Jake this year! This is just a little video I made of our long weekend there.





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| Hat – Missguided | Bodysuit – c/o Rare London | Coulettes, Watch – Primark | Boot – Dr Martens | Sunglasses – Ebay |

See I told you I’d been keeping up with all this didn’t I aye! I shot this outfit the other day based around this gorgeous lacey one-piece that Rare London so kindly contacted me about. The quality of it is suprisingly amazing, it’s pretty thick but really silky. I actually wore it out the weekend I got it too, all night (also no need for bra) and it was still in its shape and comfortable as ever.

I decided to pair it with my favourite trousers of the mo, my Primark coulettes (currently reduced to £3 go grab them now). Then I couldnt resist throwing on my Dr Marten’s with how into them I’ve been again recently and my trust old leather jacket and fedora!

Back to reality working Mon-Friday for now …


Horizon | End of University Year One

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| Trench Coat – H&M | Tshirt & Sunglasses – Primark | Shorts – Missguided | Socks – HUF | Shoes – Vans | Backpack – Ebay | Snapback – Duck Denmark c/o of Karma Loop UK |

So this is my last post as a University fresher student! My first year at Southampton Solent has been the best year of my life so far, it’s been so good for me. Moving out, becoming independent, choosing the right course, becoming a Raven (who I’ve been announced as the Kit Coordinator/Treasurer for next year’s squad!), joining a student ran record-label to run the fashion side of things. I’ve found myself a lot more too, I’ve become much more confident. It’s been such a great year, I’ve met such a sick group of people that I feel like I really will keep in touch with for a long time.

Anyway, this outfit is just something I wore to go and shoot my final editorial photo shoot. Me and my model Nichole Goodall ended up taking a load of blog pictures too. She’s yet to make her blog but for now her instagram is:


Castle of Glass

IMG_5070 IMG_5068 IMG_5056 IMG_5046 IMG_5072 IMG_5039
| Coat – Primark | Dress – Forever 21 | Shirt – Next | Shoes – Adidas Superstars | Bag – New Look | Sunglasses – Missguided |

It’s easter break! Which means I’m actually having time to blog again. My current 3 projects are almost finished, ready to sumbit to keep my easter free. I go on tour with the Ravens in Salou in just over a week, it’s mad how quickly it’s gone! I remember booking it in about october/november thinking I had absolutely ages. The first year of uni has absolutely flown by, I’m actually quite sad. I don’t want the rest of university to go this quickly, it’s been the best months of my life so far.

Anyways this was an outfit I threw together for a friends marketing project at university, it was a spacey/futuristic theme so I decided on my gun metal metallic dress and iridescent bag along with white and grey pieces.


Uni Modelling Snaps

This is just going to be a general chit-chatty sort of post as I’m back home for Christmas now for a few weeks! I got back on the 12th from down Southampton and I’m realising how much I miss being down there. It’s so strange not seeing my flat every day and going to university, doing student things. Also being close to everything! Back home in my little village I’m so isolated from everywhere which sucks. But it’s given me a chance to finish off my last two assignments for this semester which is a huge relief, I’ve also been back working at my local Next store which is nice to see all my friends and get into some stuff that I’m familiar with.

Anyways, this post was just going to be showing you some previews of some modelling I did for a friend of mine for our Styling Fundamentals project. I’ve become much more confident in front of the camera since started the course at Solent and it’s helped me in other ways too!

Modelling for @sophie_bennett 📷

A post shared by Kira Lauren Jackman (@kiralaurenj) on

Modelling for @sophie_bennett 📷

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Talk soon, mwah



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♥ Tshirt Dress – H&M / Boots – c.o SpyLoveBuy / Jacket – Thrifted / Sunglasses – Topshop / Jewellery – New Look & Personal ♥



Sorry for the delay of posts! Have been busy with University interviews etc. I went down to Southampton Solent to have my interview there on the Tuesday and stayed until the Thursday, my stepsister is already a student there so I just stayed at her halls with her! We went to a party Wednesday night which was also pretty fun, I just had a great time.

These amazing boots are from SpyLoveBuy – I was gutted that they didn’t have a size 5 left but I was so desperate for them I ended up getting a 6 and just filling my shoes with thick socks haha. They’re actually weirdly comfortable although they’re so huge! I can see myself getting an awful lot of wear out of these I love them muahaha.

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♥ Top – Bershka / Shorts – Gift / Socks, Beanie & Hat – Ebay / Sunglasses – Versace / Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell ♥

Another monochrome sporty look for today’s outfit, I really need to stop oopsie! Anyways, this is the only piece I got from my Bershka prize which I haven’t worn on the blog yet but I’ve been dying too! I just keep on forgetting about this outfit. I hope you likes it guys! Just a quick one today, another University interview tomorrow. Will be posting all about them soon. Also I have a wicked outfit post coming up featuring some amazing boots from SpyLoveBuy, they’re so beautiful!

Speak soon lovelies, Mwah.

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Jacket – Vintage, Top – Topman/DIY, Harem Pants – Next, Boots – Next, Bag – Osprey London at TK Maxx ♥

Today I just threw this on really after deciding I wanted to do another blog post (I’m on a three day roll huh how strange?) and another video too! I think light grey is a colour that’s really working for me at the moment to add to my very monochromatic wardrobe. I DIY’d this top my self, it was an old Topman t-shirt which I cut and ripped a bit till it was like this and I love it!

I snapped these harem pants and boots up in our boxing day sale at work too which I’ve been itching to wear and I also couldn’t find this jacket for absolutely months!!!!! Turns out it was folded up in the top of Tom’s wardrobe, I found it seconds before we went out to shoot, meant to be haha!

I hope you’re enjoying my videos still lovelies, feel free to like, share and subscribe! Mwah ♥

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