Video Blog: Venice ♥

I was lucky enough to head off to Venice just after my birthday with Jake this year! This is just a little video I made of our long weekend there.




University Year 1 Work & Results

So as I posted a while back, my first year at university has come to an end. Yesterday I found out my results for the year – 2:1! I realise that I couldv’e done better had I put in the effort all the way through as I did towards the end and next year I’m heading for that First! I thought I’d finally post all of the work I did for you guys to see.

You can see how much I’ve developed and how much my confidence has grown from my first project to my last! As well as these practicals we had to write a 2000 word essay on a topic of choice, mine was how Skinhead style has influenced modern mainstream fashion.

First project of the year – One ColourFinal 2 Final 1 Final Mood Board

Hair & Makeup – Advertising / Editorial (Honestly not too proud of this)
Final Final

Bag Advertisement and Jewellery (group work) Advertisement

Final mood board final

Editorial Project – Magazine Cover, Fashion Editorial, Still Life & Journalism Piece.Final editorial still life sammy

You can now finally see why my blogging has been slacking a little since October ’14!

Horizon | End of University Year One

_MG_1138 _MG_1142 _MG_1157 _MG_1155 _MG_1151 _MG_1145 _MG_1149
| Trench Coat – H&M | Tshirt & Sunglasses – Primark | Shorts – Missguided | Socks – HUF | Shoes – Vans | Backpack – Ebay | Snapback – Duck Denmark c/o of Karma Loop UK |

So this is my last post as a University fresher student! My first year at Southampton Solent has been the best year of my life so far, it’s been so good for me. Moving out, becoming independent, choosing the right course, becoming a Raven (who I’ve been announced as the Kit Coordinator/Treasurer for next year’s squad!), joining a student ran record-label to run the fashion side of things. I’ve found myself a lot more too, I’ve become much more confident. It’s been such a great year, I’ve met such a sick group of people that I feel like I really will keep in touch with for a long time.

Anyway, this outfit is just something I wore to go and shoot my final editorial photo shoot. Me and my model Nichole Goodall ended up taking a load of blog pictures too. She’s yet to make her blog but for now her instagram is:


College Work: Missguided LookBook

So you might remember a while ago I did a Missguided Look Book of pieces I won through a competition, you can see the video here:

Since then I’ve been working on Illustrator at college creating a digital/print look book. Pretty happy with it for my first attempt. I’m now trying another in a different, more minimal, simple style with some looks from my Kimono video:

Anyway, here’s the Look Book! (There was some extra text on each page listing where the items where from, however I’ve lost the memory card with the final versions on 😦) I’ve just been dying to show you it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Illustrator Work: Daenerys Costume

daenerys targaryen costume copyright

So only around a week or so, we got handed and illustration project at college. I’ve never really done much designing/drawing illustration work for fashion. I used to draw portraits allll the time but, it just got boring if I’m honest! It’s been really nice to let my creative side out again though. I’ve been working at home just practicing drawing poses and clothes etc. on Adobe Illustrator as I much prefer this to drawing my hand (besdies skin and hair, I have to do that by hand I don’t know why!).

Anyway, I found out that my twin Stepsisters are having a fancy dress party next year for their birthday, ever since I’ve found GoT I’ve been DYING to dress up as Daenerys! I though this would be a good chance to get some really detailed work on Illustrator for my project as well as actually starting to design my costume. Me and my other stepsister are going to work on our costumes next year at Southampton Solent (we’ll both be attending!)

Just thought I’d update you with some project work as I haven’t in a while! Talk soon.

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Update: I also played around with a design for my Stepsister too! She’s going as Poison Ivy!

poison ivy costume copyright


DSC_1898 DSC_1912 DSC_1913 DSC_1918 DSC_1922 DSC_1933 DSC_1968 DSC_1981 DSC_1986small DSC_2011small

| Coat – Thrifted (Originally M&S) | Bralet & Sandals – Missguided | Jeans (DIY) – Ebay | Hat – Kangol @ TK Maxx | Watch – Thrifted |


You may have already seen this outfit from my Missguided Look Book. But I thought I’d post some pictures anyway! I thought some of the landscape close ups were wicked (thankyou Tom haha). This was me showing how you can dress up the Missguided crepe bralets opposed to my next post which will be me dressing it down (all the way to almost a farmer style, I know, not as bad as it sounds!).

Once again wearing my fave coat and fave fluffy, floppy hat. I’m also showing my new Missguided shoes! They’re amazing aren’t they. Gladiator high heeled sandals basically. So pretty! I currently have a vlog uploading on my youtube, get ready to check it out! It’s a day in my life as a fashion student at my college. We were doing a fashion show with M&S & Cancer Research UK!


What I’m Listening To:

Parental Advisory

DSC_02271DSC_0229DSC_0206 DSC_0208 DSC_0216 DSC_0221 DSC_0224DSC_0233 DSC_0237DSC_0239DSC_0241DSC_0242DSC_0246

If you do read my blog often, you’ll know that I purchased this gorgeous, gorgeous oversized t-shirt dress from Missguided on pay day last month! I have been saving it for the perfect outfit, I had to wait 20 days for my shoes and obviously having my memory card stolen etc. you know the story! But the other day I finally got the chance to get some shots and I love it. This is definitely one of my most favourite outfits I’ve ever put together for myself, it’s just so me.

I spotted the dress when going through Missguided’s new in page as I tend to do everyday and fell in love with it. I saw it in black first but when I saw the white I knew I had to buy it (of course, it’s white duh). They also sell crop top versions of this and they’re gorgeous too! These shoes as well though, oh my god, I’ve been wanting them for months and months and months and I finally treated myself to them last month too, I found the store ‘My Mum Made It’ on Instagram a few months ago and it’s so pretty, it’s all minimal and monochrome and just so beautiful ♥

I finished off the outfit with my parental advisory beanie from eBay, my pixelated xl heart earrings from Claire’s Accessories, a greek sort of printed bangle from New Look, statement black chain necklace from Next, a black GShock watch and of course my Michael Kors astor bracelet from Tom (that’s a lot of accessories haha oopsie). I’ve been wearing my glasses a lot recently but I’ve realised they make me look rather strange in photographs because of the way I have to look out of them, so I think I shall be putting  my contact lenses in for the future! Talk soon, mwah.

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Wishlist 5/10/13 | Excite Clothing!

Wishlist 5/10/13 | Excite Clothing!

I was recently contacted by Excite Clothing and I chose to have a browse through their website. They are pretty fabulous! There are a few key items I am seriously in love with (the tartan skirt and new york jersey for example) they are so amazingly me!

1. Tartan Stretch Skirt
I have been looking for a slightly shorter than knee length tartan skirt for a while now. I love pencil skirts, I do! But, they just aren’t for me, never have suited me and I’m not sure they ever will! I always prefer to go with a much more skin-tight sort of fit with this types of skirt. I finally found my perfect tartan skirt right here!

2. Skull Embellished Jumper
How WICKED is this jumper?! They do it in plenty of colours but my personal favourite was the simple black, as usual! I did love the plum as well though. I love how it’s not just a skull print, that there are actually 3D gold studs embellished on it, so far ahead with the trend! Amazing.

3. Aztec/Neon Bomber Jacket
I’ve wanted a bomber jacket for ages but I don’t know I haven’t came across many I love except from the tartan bomber from Zara. I can’t afford it though! This is much more afford at just £15. I know it’s not summer anymore but I’m still such a huge fan of mixing up monochrome with a little bit of neon and this involves my second favourite – yellow! Orange being my first you might know hehe.

4. Blue Ice Print Dress
Ok I am seriously crazy about this unusual print! I’m not even the slightest bit sure what it is meant to be, to me it almost looks like some place out of World of Warcraft hahaha! Anyway, I just love this dress for the unusal print, you could go crazy with styling this.

5. Contrast Jumper
I never noticed at first, but as soon as I saw that the sleeves on this jumper had an almost mesh sleeve… I was sold. I’m liking the whole mesh look so much lately, it’s sort of everywhere now!

6. Skater Dress with Bow Detail
This dress is beautiful! At the back it has the cutest little way to put a dress together ever, it looks just like a bow! With cut out areas around it. Also loving the navy blue for this Autumn! With a pair of black tights and some pixie chelsea boots I can see!

7. Cable Knit Jumper
Everyone in the world needs a cable knit jumper, a nice thick one for the cold days. At excite clothing you haven’t even got to fork out much for one! The colour of the one I’ve chosen is sort of a dark bluey-green and I think it’s gorgeous.

8. Slouch Chain Bucket Bag
IT’S ORANGE! That’s the main reason, plus you know me and studs/spikes/chains. Perfect match! I just personally think it’s a really cute bag to just add into any bland outfit.

8. New York Jersey
This is my second favourite on the wishlist, why? Because it’s New York and because it’s a Jersey, PLUS it’s in my favourite basketball team’s colours. Ooops. The New York Knicks colours are white, blue and orange and this is just so pretty!

Go check out excite clothing now at and grab yourself some bargains.
They also have a plus size range which is fab and I’m gutted that some pieces aren’t in my size! :(. Enjoy!

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3 Ways to Wear Tartan, Pt.2 (Tart & Leather)

tartan pt2small

So here is the second installment of ’10 ways to Wear Tartan!! This time I have gone for a lot more of a grungy, rocker sort of look. I also found this wicked leather jacket in a charity shop today for just £4.99, how good is that?! I put it with all blac, my cropped vest, skinny jeans and the boots I wore in the last outfit posts too (I can’t get enough of them hehe). The accessories I’m wearing are: my chunky gold chain necklace – New Look; my thrifted oversized bag and of course my gorgeous Cat Eye Versace Sunglasses!

Now today I have been at college from 9-4, yet I finished at 12:30! I stayed behind with my boyfriend just getting a lot of work done and helping him out. teaching him some photoshop stuff! So I am completely worn out, hungry too haha. I think as soon as this blog post is up I shall be eating, bathing and then STRAIGHT to bed. As I’m up again at 6:30/7:00am tomorrow 😦 sad times. Nighty-night, mwah x

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