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| Jacket – Forever 21 | Top, Coulettes, Cap – Primark | Bag – Next | Sandals – H&M |

Silly me again, realised I completely forgot to upload the rest of the outfit pictures from my day in Bournemouth last month. So many lovely pictures thanks to someone I met at university (Jake White, I appreciate the fab photography so much ♥).  I’ve been a busy bee since then, still working full time, started to sort out cheerleading committee things etc! I did go to Electric Daisy Carnival last weekend too which was absolutely incredible. But, that’ll be another post.

This jacket I’ve had from H&M for literally about 2 years and after forgetting to bring it to university for ages, I cannot stop wearing it. I’ve even had someone say it’s funny watching me try all my jackets on with an outfit because they know exactly which one I’ll end up in… It’s the perfect level of a nice thin summer jacket but thick enough for when it gets hold. These sandals though, oh my. Last SS season at H&M I picked up the all black ones which you can read about here and I’ve been saying ever since that they need the bring out the all white pair and this year was I pleased? Yes, yes I was.

I’m all settled into my new house and living arrangements now in prep for second year of university – which by the way I managed to pass with a high 2.1 (yay)! For now, more sleep…



Out of The Black

1 DSC_3437 DSC_3456 DSC_3459 DSC_3481 DSC_3529 DSC_3543 DSC_3514 DSC_3516 DSC_3558DSC_3564| Top – C/O The City Rack | Vest/Dress & Shoes – Primark | Skirt – Thrifted | Sunglasses – New Look | Bag – Next | Snapback – Duck Denmark C/O Karma Loop UK |

It feels like forever since I’ve posted! It’s been mad since Thursday, moving into university and all that. It’s hard now and again, missing home and people etc. but I definitely love it here. My flat’s awesome too – so glad there’s no awkwardness and noone that doesn’t get on it makes it so much more comfortable.

This was just an outfit I shot before moving down, we’re on the hunt for some nice backdrops in the city and we will get back to it! It’s so hard to get stuff done during Freshers there is so much going on, all of the time.  The second day in Uni, we set up our first photoshoot and I was model. The theme was white and we decided on a slicked back androgynous look inspired by the Alexander Wang Winchester Shirt. We stuck with a simple white skirt and heavy Dr Martens.

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What I’m Wearing: Reading Festival 2014


Last post before I’m off on my Festival travels! Just a quick post of what I’m wearing: there will be a look book/vlog after I’ve come back and more detailed outfit posts! Hope you enjoy. Maybe I’ll get around to wearing some more colour someday (sorry)

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August Inspiration

aug inspo

Pictures all sourced from Tumblr.

Still no news on my memory card… so here’s this month’s inspiration post! I’m adoring snakeskin patterns and prints right now, as well as being desperate for a nice tailored white shirt! Bandana’s are my current game after spotting (and luckily enough winning) some kick-ass bandana shorts from SR Wear. Plenty of home inspo in here as well, seen as I’m moving away in September to finally live independantly at my university accomidation, I’m feeling so inspired throughout homewear and deco! Mind you, you can’t do much about the ugly blue carpet and strange patterned curtains…

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Major Missguided Wishlist


| Trousers | Loafers | White Top | Black Top | Trench | Shorts | Insert Top | Jeans | Black Kimono | White Kimono | Tassle Bag |

Another Missguided wishlist already! I just can’t get over how on point their game is right now. Constant lust for so many things! Forever wishing I wasn’t having to save up for university this September or I would have been spend, spend, spending. The typical wishlist from me – white, black, grey, simple. These are my favourite things on the site as of today. What are your favourites at the moment?

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Wishlist 18/06/2014


| White Backpack | Mono Backpack | Black Backpack | Dress | Skate ShoesFootbed Sandals |
| Boots Shorts Bum Bag |
Also here’s two more things I’m dying for – this kimono in black and in white! They’re so perfect. Props to New Look.

Yet another festival-based wishlist! These are a few things I am absolutely dying to have for Reading (and just in general). So just as everybody else in the world, I’m absolutely DYING for a Grafea backpack! Oh the price though, I cannot afford that on a part-time retailer’s wage, nope. These are my three favourites. The black shorts are goregous, I’ve been looking for an oversized rolled pair like this for so long but they’ve all been not quite black. Not a fan of acid wash! I need a bumbag to take to the arena with me as I don’t want to be carrying a bag or hitting people in the face with a backpack hahaha. I also just need (want) a few new pairs of beautiful shoes so that’s why they’re there I don’t think I have any other reason, I just loved lots of shoes hehe.

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Sky Full of Stars

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| Jumpsuit – c/o Jones & Jones | Snapback – H&M | Jacket – Vintage Versace (thrifted) | Shoes – TK Maxx | Sunglasses – Missguided | Necklace – New Look |

First of all, apologies for the orange looking pictures, I definitely was not orange in person (atleast I think so, maybe I’m oblivious, hahaha). I was amazingly lucky enough to be contacted by Jones & Jones  with them offering to send one of their gorgeous, gorgeous pieces to me. I had to pick this as I’d had my eye on it for so long! I was originally planning on wearing it with my ‘off-white’ Asos duster coat but oh my lord it was so cream, I couldn’t handle it. I’m strange in that way… can’t stand yellowy creams, they just look dirty to me.

Just a quick one today! Ps. have you entered my competition to win the gorgeous LYDC Etta bag yet?! Enter here now:

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How I Style: River Island Geometric Kimono #2

DSC_0207 small DSC_0183 small DSC_0177 small DSC_0174 small DSC_0168 small DSC_0154 small DSC_0144 small DSC_0159 smallHYPE/LOOKBOOK.NU VOTE/CHICTOPIA

Here’s the second look for this kimono in my How I Style series. All these looks are going to be festival based. Showing 5 different ways you can wear something like this at different festivals. This look is much more of a Reading sort of, more grungy, festival look.

I went with all black inc. shoes under the gorgeous kimono. I just threw my hair up into a bun and popped my huge sunglasses on. Hope you’re looking forward to my other looks and the soon to come video! Be prepared for it here:

Talk soon


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