Booking/Arriving in Berlin 12th-15th July 2016.

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As I’m writing this, I got back to Southampton about 24 hours ago. It was a long journey back (a lot of waiting around, not much sleep, then going straight to work). We decided to go Berlin after randomly looking around at cheap flights to places in Europe. After seeing Berlin was one of them we looked more into the city and figured it was definitely the place we wanted to go. We kept putting it off for a week or so due to money and stress but we just thought fuck it in the end. I’m always the kind of person who weighs all of the issues and the costs of something and just decides to not go and always regrets it. I decided I didn’t want to be that person again so in the end at about 3.AM one night I woke Jake up and booked our flights so I couldn’t turn back on it.

But, that’s when I became an absolute stress head again, finding accommodation was a ball ache. I heard a lot of great things about AirBnB for city breaks, and I honestly did find a lot of really nice apartments for such good prices. Hotel prices in Berlin were just nuts for central ones. The only issue was that it showed us some places were available when they weren’t after putting in to stay there. I believe we would have had a lot more luck if we looked much more in advance! You can claim £20 free travel credit through this link guys, thank me later xo

In the end we opted for Backpacker Hostel Berlin in Friedrichshain. We decided on which district we wanted to stay in by looking into pictures and information on each one, it didn’t really take me long to figure out I wanted to stay in East Berlin and it didn’t take much longer for me to decide on Friedrichshain. It just seemed like it was the area I’d feel at home in (which I really, really did, but more on that in another post). The hostel was pretty cute and really close to everything in the district. We had a double room upstairs right next to a balcony and a shared bathroom. The overall cleanliness of the hostel was really good. Staff were lovely too! Also free breakfast and more importantly free coffee. Winning for us. I think the choice for a private room in a hostel was perfect, you got to meet other people as well as get time to yourselves. It was also a good way to get knowledge of the local area, better than I’ve had with any hotel.

We spent 4 days in Berlin and honestly it was so, so good. I want to go back as soon as we can as I feel like it’s just such a big city you can’t see everything in that short space of time. I’m back to work now for a week or so until I start my work experience at AllSaints studios in Shoreditch, then I get back from that and leave to volunteer at Boomtown! Such a busy few weeks, I’ll be going through photos and video as I go. Until then you can catch up on some of my Instagram snaps of the week. 

I’ve been awful with this blog since coming to uni but I’m trying super hard to get back into the swing of things. Sorry. ♥ Here’s a picture of me finding the love of my life in the airport, after a late check out awakening and day of looking like a tramp.