Glastonbury 2017

A snippet from one of the best weekends ever with my favourite people. ♥



Volunteering at Boomtown 2016

Lil aftermovie from my phone for me and my pals to remember this whacky weekend

Hi, me again another 6 months after my previous post as usual. I’d apologise as always but I think we’ve all pretty much accepted the fact that I’m not a ‘good’ blogger anymore, so I’m just gonna put that out there, but I do miss it so here I am – I’m just simply awful at time managing.

So 6-7 months ago (lols sorry I know, what am I like), me, Jake and my best friend Kat decided to volunteer at Boomtown festival as stewards, we started looking into it because we’d wanted to go really badly all summer but just could not afford a ticket, and volunteering actually seemed to be a good deal. There are two ways to volunteer with Boomtown, either through Oxfam or the festival itself – at the time we didn’t know very much about stewarding with Oxfam so we decided to go with the festival (we know a lot more now and have since volunteered with Oxfam at Bestival 2016 – and are applying for a handful for 2017).

The deal for volunteering to work at Boomtown (with the festival itself) is you work 3 x 8 hour shifts, and the rest of your time is free to do whatever you wish, you also get 3 food vouchers for when you are on shift for various vendors around the site, and access to a staff only bar in Mayfair. When you’re applying there’s a form where you can fill in your friend’s details that you are applying with and Boomtown try their hardest to put you on the same shifts patterns and in the same roles. You also get to select which roles you’re most interested in working, these include – gate, wristband, general stewarding, fire towers etc. We selected gate, wristband and stewarding. We got emails either the same day or the day after saying our application had been confirmed (we applied a month in advance, but we know people that have applied literally the day or so before and got it, on the same shifts as friends too).

When you arrive at Boomtown on Wednesday (one day earlier than the rest of the festival) you have to enter via a volunteer entrance and get signed in, get given your goody bags etc. (a tote with a Boomtown book, map, mug, bottle opener, lanyard and maybe some other things I don’t totally remember) and a sheet with your shifts on. We got pretty lucky with our shifts, we had to work:

Thursday 3.45PM-12AM (but we got off around 10PM as we were on wristband and gate and everything was closed up) so we looked around the festival until music stopped at midnight
Friday OFF 
Saturday 3.45PM-12AM (on standby in the volunteer marquee, ended up stewarding a Maisie Williams talk, a tightrope walker show and a gate a top the hill by Sector 6 stage), the festival finished at 4AM that night so still got to go and party
Sunday OFF
Monday 7.45AM-4PM (on standby in the volunteer marquee, ended up stewarding volunteer gate, leaving gate and around the site helping people leave)

So for a free festival ticket and all of that time off how can you complain? However, Boomtown is such a huge festival, so we did feel like we missed out on a lot even though we still saw SO much. We loved the whacky world of Boomtown so much we bought 1st release tickets to 2017 as we don’t want to feel like we missed out again… Overall the volunteering experience was so much fun, even if we got a bit agitated and bored working sometimes, it was all worth it – and the Boomtown volunteer team are just so lovely, I can’t praise them enough for how safe and comfortable they made us all feel, and how much fun we had working. I would recommend anyone debating doing it to 100% just go for it.

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Booking/Arriving in Berlin 12th-15th July 2016.

DSC_0241 smal
– Berlin Travelcards – Suicide Circus Leaflets – ‘Photoautomat Project’ Photo Strip –

As I’m writing this, I got back to Southampton about 24 hours ago. It was a long journey back (a lot of waiting around, not much sleep, then going straight to work). We decided to go Berlin after randomly looking around at cheap flights to places in Europe. After seeing Berlin was one of them we looked more into the city and figured it was definitely the place we wanted to go. We kept putting it off for a week or so due to money and stress but we just thought fuck it in the end. I’m always the kind of person who weighs all of the issues and the costs of something and just decides to not go and always regrets it. I decided I didn’t want to be that person again so in the end at about 3.AM one night I woke Jake up and booked our flights so I couldn’t turn back on it.

But, that’s when I became an absolute stress head again, finding accommodation was a ball ache. I heard a lot of great things about AirBnB for city breaks, and I honestly did find a lot of really nice apartments for such good prices. Hotel prices in Berlin were just nuts for central ones. The only issue was that it showed us some places were available when they weren’t after putting in to stay there. I believe we would have had a lot more luck if we looked much more in advance! You can claim £20 free travel credit through this link guys, thank me later xo

In the end we opted for Backpacker Hostel Berlin in Friedrichshain. We decided on which district we wanted to stay in by looking into pictures and information on each one, it didn’t really take me long to figure out I wanted to stay in East Berlin and it didn’t take much longer for me to decide on Friedrichshain. It just seemed like it was the area I’d feel at home in (which I really, really did, but more on that in another post). The hostel was pretty cute and really close to everything in the district. We had a double room upstairs right next to a balcony and a shared bathroom. The overall cleanliness of the hostel was really good. Staff were lovely too! Also free breakfast and more importantly free coffee. Winning for us. I think the choice for a private room in a hostel was perfect, you got to meet other people as well as get time to yourselves. It was also a good way to get knowledge of the local area, better than I’ve had with any hotel.

We spent 4 days in Berlin and honestly it was so, so good. I want to go back as soon as we can as I feel like it’s just such a big city you can’t see everything in that short space of time. I’m back to work now for a week or so until I start my work experience at AllSaints studios in Shoreditch, then I get back from that and leave to volunteer at Boomtown! Such a busy few weeks, I’ll be going through photos and video as I go. Until then you can catch up on some of my Instagram snaps of the week. 

I’ve been awful with this blog since coming to uni but I’m trying super hard to get back into the swing of things. Sorry. ♥ Here’s a picture of me finding the love of my life in the airport, after a late check out awakening and day of looking like a tramp.


(Catch Up) Back at University & Health, Fitness Changes.

Long break between posts again, I know I’m sorry! But, I’ve been back at University for a few weeks now and have been getting into the routine of things again. It’s been pretty hectic! Taking on another 3 new assignments, getting back into Game Days, I do love being busy but, once again my blogging has taken a hit during that time!

I just wanted to talk about how I’ve been the past few months, the main change has become since I joined the Solent Ravens cheerleading squad (I’m just on the Game Day team this year). Since I started cheering, my health has become better, I’m much more fit, more toned and much more flexible! All this adding up has made my self-confidence rocket and it’s incredible. I’ve had a steady gym time table, healthier diet and have been stretching nearly every night for about two months, the result of this has been so good to me. On that note – I wasn’t even able to touch the floor with my finger tips when I began, now I can reach back and almost pull a scale which is a huge thing for me.

This was just a quick little catchup before bed again but I’m really enjoying myself at the moment. Loves ♥

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What You Know

DSC_0079 DSC_0092 DSC_0088 DSC_0084 DSC_0096 DSC_0085HYPE!/LOOKBOOK.NU

I told you I was back into the swing of things! This was just what I was wearing the other day before me and Sophie went to shoot some editorials for our course! I feel like my style has changed a lot since coming to university, it’s pretty strang actually. Less sporty, more classic grungy.

Ps. Thanks for the jacket Sophie, love you 5ever