.ADPT App – My Final Major Project


So it’s getting to the end of my time at uni (so many tears about leaving already – the best 3 years of my entire life), which means it’s time for my FMP, and I thought I’d let you all know a little about it.

My course is pretty broad and we basically have total freedom of what we’d like to do for our FMPs, I know people who are creating magazines, culture websites, production companies, books, pr companies – so many different creative projects, and for mine, I’m creating a prototype of an app I’ve designed. Along with this prototype will be a ‘pack’ including how I would launch it if it were to go live.

.ADPT is fuelled by its contributors. It’s a new social, cultural platform targeted at creative millennials. Contributions from it’s users create an inspiring, sharing space filled with news articles, exhibition reviews, photography collections, illustrations, cultural documentaries and more.

I am currently still seeking the contributors for the first prototype of the app, I’m looking for – journalists, artists, photographers, videographers, graphic designers – all kinds of creatives that are looking for their work to be shared. If you are a creative willing to contribute, or think you know of anyone that would be – please email adptapp@gmail.com. There will shortly be a page on the website which will make it super easy to contribute too! If anyone is interested in keeping updated with my progress I’ve popped in some links here where you can follow:

View the website landing page here.
Keep updated on my reflective journal here.
& Keep updated with videos of the app’s progress here.
Instagram: @adptapp
Twitter: @adptapp
Facebook: /adptapp

Above is a video of how the app is progressing so far. I’m really passionate about this project and it’s been the best thing having total freedom to create what I’ve had in my mind. Thankyou for reading my rambling :



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