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| Shirt/Dress – H&M | Bra – Urban Outfitters | Cycling Shorts, Cap, Shoes – Primark | Sunglasses – Missguided |

What a mare … 3 weeks before uni starts again my laptop goes and breaks on me! Luckily, I had just put all of my blog pictures and university work onto a memory card hours before. I’m finally back on my nice shiny new laptop running all smoothly and editing like a gem!

This outfit is what I wore to the Southampton Bloggers’ Meet Up held at Revolutions Bar a few weeks back. I have plenty of photographs to go through and my little lady who runs Southampton Bloggers will be uploading them all at some point (

The shirt I obviously fell in love with the moment I lay eyes onto it in H&M last payday…  and the shoes I’d been eyeing up at work for quite a while, I was shocked they still had my size in stock to be quite honest haha. The countdown until uni begins again has begun! After a summer of being full adult (full time work, paying rent, bills out of hard works money) I literally can’t wait to get back to university, part time work, cheer and being surrounded by my friends again. Not long at all!



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