(Catch Up) Back at University & Health, Fitness Changes.

Long break between posts again, I know I’m sorry! But, I’ve been back at University for a few weeks now and have been getting into the routine of things again. It’s been pretty hectic! Taking on another 3 new assignments, getting back into Game Days, I do love being busy but, once again my blogging has taken a hit during that time!

I just wanted to talk about how I’ve been the past few months, the main change has become since I joined the Solent Ravens cheerleading squad (I’m just on the Game Day team this year). Since I started cheering, my health has become better, I’m much more fit, more toned and much more flexible! All this adding up has made my self-confidence rocket and it’s incredible. I’ve had a steady gym time table, healthier diet and have been stretching nearly every night for about two months, the result of this has been so good to me. On that note – I wasn’t even able to touch the floor with my finger tips when I began, now I can reach back and almost pull a scale which is a huge thing for me.

This was just a quick little catchup before bed again but I’m really enjoying myself at the moment. Loves ♥


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@chelsgaiger @chloemckechnie95 💜

A post shared by Kira Lauren Jackman (@kiralaurenj) on


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