03/09/2014 | Part Two | Bloggers Fashion Week

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(Last two pictures have been stolen from my gurl Soph Bennett http://www.setinstyle.co.uk)

So following on from my last post – here is what me and Sophie did later in the afternoon. Around 6pm we headed off to No.1 Leicester Square for Bloggers Fashion Week hosted by Bloggers Love (#BLFW). When we got in, everyone was already into everything: browsing the brands pieces, using the tweet boutique upstairs for some goodies and having a few drinks and cupcakes/sweets. I think a few brands hadn’t turned up as I remember seeing some on the list who I couldn’t find there which was disappointing but I still had a nice evening and got some lovely gifts to try out – watch for some reviews! Especially on a new high coverage-waterproof foundation!

I’d say my favourite brand of the day was definitely FYT & Co – for one their stuff is amazing, created with a bamboo knit, it’s super soft it’s incredible. I’m dying for the light grey beanie and some of the underwear!

The night ended with a fashion show, some of the pieces were gorgeous but we couldn’t stay until the end because of our trains etc. It sucks having to travel so far for these events! I’m thinking I will more than likely head off to BLFW next season as well for another nice evening. Talk soon,

Brands Mentioned/Pictured:

Fiorelli | FYT & Co | Leighton Denny Nails | Oxygenetix | Beauty Works 


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