Little Monster

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| Bag – Excel Clothing | Top – Thrifted | Leggings & Blazer – TK Maxx | Shoes & Sunglasses – Missguided | Nose Ring (silver sold out) – Urban Outfitters |

I’m posting my gear from Excel Clothing so you know what daaaat means – I actually managed to get my memory card back after losing it in a loan laptop, so lucky! I went and got it from PC World/Currys today and have been editing ever since I got home from work (after I ate a gorgeous curry that Tom made me) to get this post up so I apologise if it’s a bit late!

I got a bit of video too, so I can make an look book from the pieces I won. This Hugo Boss luggage bag – already reduced from £450 to around £320 I think.. It’s honestly amazing, I’m going to be using it for my travels to university and back as well as my longer journeys to London for blogging malarky. I don’t usually go for navy but this bag is just OOH, it’s too good – I wouldn’t usually mix navy/black either but I just can’t help it with this bag. Coming up next is a Tommy Hilfiger jumper (it is a colour not a shade what even am I turning into) and a gorgeous French Connection dress! Stay posted.

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