New Vlog & An Apology/Moan


So here’s my vlog from The Edit Launch Party event I posted about a little while ago. It’s coming along with an apology for being so distant! As I’m currently trying to save up for university, I am working crazy hours and barely have any free time. The only free time I’ve had in a while was the other day – I took so many new pictures and planned so many posts but it was all still on my memory card. That memory card was in my boyfriend’s loan laptop while his was off getting fixed and we completely forgot to take it out before it was sent back. I’m currently in contact with Currys/PC World / Know How trying to track it down but all I’ve heard so far is that it wasnt in there.

So I’m pretty sure the driver isn’t going to rob a little blogger’s memory card so it must be there but all I’ve heard so far is that it’s not and it’s really stressing me out now. I have no time to do all of this again, and there was some really wicked photographs on there. So I’m so, so upset. I haven’t just lost one post I’ve loads loads and even a few new videos. I’m so sorry that I haven’t been up to speed with posting and stuff, but I promise you if I can’t track down this memory card I will find the time to do everything again. I’m so sorry to you guys that do take the time to read me rambling on and posing and actually get excited to see new posts. I love you ♥ Here’s a couple of my recent instapics/outfits to fill in some gaps.

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