Asos #EpicSummer Party

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| Top – F&F (£2 in sale whaaaat) | Jeans – Ebay/DIY | Shoes – Topshop | Jacket – New Look | Bag & Jewellery – Primark | Cap – H&M | Watch – Vintage |

Two or so weeks ago I got an awesome email from Stacey (Fashion Editor at Asos FF) inviting me to the Asos #EpicSummer party at Asos HQ. I had an awesome night really, first time heading off to London all alone. I made my way through trains and tubes so I’m happy. Travelling around on trains a lot in the past must’ve helped! I got there about an hour early as I wasn’t with anyone and didn’t want to be floating around on my own, so I went up to the Asos Cafe on the first floor and found Charlotte from She’s so cute! Really think we made pals hahaha. She looked adorable in her D&G inspired outfit.

It was pretty daunting being in a room full of bloggers, press and asos workers as it was my first event. In the past I’ve always had to turn down due to living so far in London but I desperately wanted to come to this one! Everyone already had their other blogger friends and I felt pretty isolated but it was cool having Charl in a similar position! I did get to say hi to Georgina and a couple of other people that seemed lovely though. I think this is when my anxiety decided to pop up, I was just way too nervy to go up and talk to people! Hopefully if I attend something else soon I’ll just do it. It was an awesome evening though (even though me and Charl were the only people who took party for the name and decided to strut our stuff to epic music, oh lord). The drinks were awesome too though! First I had a Pimms, then we went for Wild Berry Brothers cider and finally we proceeded with the Toffe Apple cider. It was so delicious I can’t even explain it! Anyway, once it got to around half seven me and Charlotte popped on the tube and severed ways at Euston. There’s a couple snaps Charlotte had taken through the night below, I didn’t take any for some reason oopsies.DSC_0001

Polaroid print of Georgina’s insta post!

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