Wishlist 18/06/2014


| White Backpack | Mono Backpack | Black Backpack | Dress | Skate ShoesFootbed Sandals |
| Boots Shorts Bum Bag |
Also here’s two more things I’m dying for – this kimono in black and in white! They’re so perfect. Props to New Look.

Yet another festival-based wishlist! These are a few things I am absolutely dying to have for Reading (and just in general). So just as everybody else in the world, I’m absolutely DYING for a Grafea backpack! Oh the price though, I cannot afford that on a part-time retailer’s wage, nope. These are my three favourites. The black shorts are goregous, I’ve been looking for an oversized rolled pair like this for so long but they’ve all been not quite black. Not a fan of acid wash! I need a bumbag to take to the arena with me as I don’t want to be carrying a bag or hitting people in the face with a backpack hahaha. I also just need (want) a few new pairs of beautiful shoes so that’s why they’re there I don’t think I have any other reason, I just loved lots of shoes hehe.

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