Triangl Swimwear – Indiana Ice

Quick apology for the awful quality photograph. Will have better ones soon, promise!

I was fortunate enough to get offered one of the gorgeous pieces from TRIANGL’s swimwear or underwear range. I’d had my eyes on both collections for so, so long. However, I decided on a bikini since my body shape has changed I don’t have any bikinis anymore – and I’m going on holiday this month so I thought I’d better get one!

I chose the Indiana Ice Chloe bikini. The shape of this one is quite a small triangl-e (see what I they did there)  bikini top (this one doesn’t have much coverage compared to some but it’s SO pretty, just size up if you want more). The bottom half simply consists of a full bottom low cut brief.

My bikini finally arrived today and I was so happy! Unfortunately the bottoms do not fit, personally I’d advise to size up on the bottom. I’m an 8-10 at every single store in the world however these briefs did that whole cutting in double-butt cheek syndrome. But the PR were kind and fast and replying saying they’d send me out a 10-12 (medium) to try, which I’m so grateful for! Such good customer service over there.

I’m super excited for the other bottoms to arrive and when they do there will be a full review and plenty of pics and videos from my little holiday!

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