June Wishlist: (Colour?!)


Is that colour I see on my wishlist? Am I okay?! I’m not sure! 

So I haven’t really done many photoshoppy-posts in a long time – wishlists etc. I thought I’d crack one out as it’s the start of the month! Although there is a slight bit of colour, it’s all still very muted. It’s still me! Haha.

Asos White Duster Coat
Okay, so I’ve found my absolute DREAM coat after searching for honestly about 6-8 months all over the internet. It’s so heavenly! But it’s alreday nearly sold out. I don’t get paid until the 26th what am I going to do. I’m going to be left heartbroken again!

Triangl Indiana Ice Bikini
Now this. THIS bikini is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a while. Pretty much all of us know what triangl swimwear/underwear is and we’re all forever lusting over it and it’s pretty packaging. I’m lucky enough to have this gorgeous piece on it’s way in the post and should have it in a few days!

Asos Camel Fedora
Again, another piece I’ve been searching for for ages. Camel hats and duster coats asos, you’re killing me! They’d look so perfect together.

Tommy Hilfiger Mac
How cute is this mac? Such a pretty pale colour and I’ve been dying for a mac, just yet to find the right one until the moment I found this on http://www.excelclothing.com

Tommy Hilfiger (again I love him ok) Bag
This is just a perfect Tommy H bag in my opinion. The signature colours with a pale beige/cream pattern all over. It’s so, so pretty.

Michael Kors Bag
Yes, another bag from Excel Clothing! As you can see I had a little windowshop around the site. I’m loving snakeskin print at the moment and this is the only really colourful thing I’ve really fell in love with in a very, very long time! Well done MK.

Next Footbed Sandals in Black & in White
If you find a shoe you love… get it in every colour! This motto definitely, 100% applies here. Also 25% employee discount helps make the final decision of YES I’m going to purchase you and wear you all the time on my lovely feetsies.

Missguided White Running Shorts
I got a similar pair to this from Topshop a year or so back in denim and the fit was gorgeous and they were so comfy! Of course, I’m now dying for some white ones.

That’s it then! Hope you enjoyed reading a wishlist post again, I’ve really enjoyed making another one it’s been far too long. I should try monthly, I think I will!

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