Illustrator Work: Daenerys Costume

daenerys targaryen costume copyright

So only around a week or so, we got handed and illustration project at college. I’ve never really done much designing/drawing illustration work for fashion. I used to draw portraits allll the time but, it just got boring if I’m honest! It’s been really nice to let my creative side out again though. I’ve been working at home just practicing drawing poses and clothes etc. on Adobe Illustrator as I much prefer this to drawing my hand (besdies skin and hair, I have to do that by hand I don’t know why!).

Anyway, I found out that my twin Stepsisters are having a fancy dress party next year for their birthday, ever since I’ve found GoT I’ve been DYING to dress up as Daenerys! I though this would be a good chance to get some really detailed work on Illustrator for my project as well as actually starting to design my costume. Me and my other stepsister are going to work on our costumes next year at Southampton Solent (we’ll both be attending!)

Just thought I’d update you with some project work as I haven’t in a while! Talk soon.

new signature

Update: I also played around with a design for my Stepsister too! She’s going as Poison Ivy!

poison ivy costume copyright


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