Quick Catchup | Decorated Room!

So I’ve been AWOL for a little while, I’ve been super busy this week with getting what work I need to finally fully hand in all of my college work while at the same time finally decorating my room to how I’ve wanted it for SO long! I did spend nearly all of this month’s wages on doing so… but, I’ve been waiting to have it all decorated properly for years now and I finally had the money so I thought why not. The whole theme is mainly grey and white. With little bits of black (and an old ugly bedside table that I need to keep until I can find another pretty one as it basc. has my whole life in it).

I have some pretty exciting things and collabs coming up with my blog too! Really looking forward to making some more cool videos and images. Speak soon!

What I’m Listening To: 

AWESOME BAND FROM SOUTHAMPTON/BIRMINGHAM – my friends in the video haha – see her @ around 0:22

TONIGHT ALIVE – one my new faves ♥

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