Live & Let Go | How I Style: White Chunky Sandals (Look 2)

DSC_0414 small DSC_0444 small DSC_0460 small DSC_0491 small DSC_0508 small DSC_0509 small DSC_0536 small DSC_0543 small DSC_0559 small| Hat – Kangol, Bag – TK Maxx | Top – DIY Cropped, Necklaces – Primark | Shorts – Levis @ Ark | Sandals – Ebay | Sunglasses – Topshop | Kimono – Missguided |


Here’s the second look from ‘How I Style: White Chunky Sandals’! Video will be up soon promise, having some problems with my editor :(. I went for a festival look here yano, Coachella weekend 2 all that! Thought it’d be good to show you all how I dress for festival style (Reading I’m ready for ya).

These Levi’s were like the first piece of clothing Tom bought for me about a year ago (with his only £20 he had left how cute) from Ark. They used to be a bit big on me, but since getting healthier they fit me well now, even a bit too tight on those thighs oopsie. Ft. My fave Missguided kimono again, I seriously can’t get enough what is life? And one of my old Primark boyfriend T-Shirts me and my stepsister ripped and sew to make it into a cropped top.

Thre on some Primark necklaces, huge bug eye sunneis from Topshop and my fave floppy hat from TK Maxx (Kangol). Video will be soon promiseeeeeeeeee. Loves

company_style_blogger_awads_nominate_me_badge-OOBT1cWhat I’m Listening To Today: I’m having a cheesy song moment sry

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