Pretty Little Thing: Outfit Wishlist


This is my favvvvourite outfit I’ve made on PLT recently. Infact, they’re probably my favourite things on the site at the moment! Bar the gorgeous baby pink cleated sole boots. It’s just perfectly me and reverting back to my old monochrome self, but managing to work it into a summer/festival wardrobe. This white sweatshirt type dress looks so comfy and chilled, I want it in the pink, mint and black colours too (so all of them haha.) But yeah, I’m currently dying for a simple leather look bag like this and those sandals I’m practically drooling over! Also, HOW CUTE IS THIS RING? It’s a matte black ring which goes on over two fingers and it’s half a bat ok it’s so cool, and those sunglasses thoughhhh! I just feel like this pu cap would just pull all of this outfit together in my own style.

They’ve got some really awesome stuff in at the moment, which is dangerous when pay day is just around the corner. Talk soon.

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