Settle Down

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| Versace Bomber – Thrifted | Versace Sunglasses – TK Maxx | Jeans /DIY , Bralet, Top (it’s asian male ‘underwear’ don’t disown me pls it’s pretty), Bag, Hat & Sandals – Ebay (ok lol oops) |

So as I’m writing where I got everything from, I am realising I may be a slight ebay hoarder… oops. But I can’t resist! Everything looks just like what you’d pay for in a store but for half the price. Now, I’ve been looking everywhere for a short sleeved white mesh top and I managed to find one, but it’s Asian male ‘underwear’!!! I wasn’t really sure whether to link it to you all, but I can’t deprive you from a beautiful top hahaha. The only thing I’m dissapointed about is that I got it in a L forgetting how tiny Asian sizes are and it’s quite a lot more fitted then I wanted. But, I’ll work with it!


Listening to: Eliza & The Bear – It Gets Cold


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