Happy Anniversay! 1 Year of An I For Style

yr one of blog

So, here’s the first real big milestone of my blog! This day 1 year ago I decided to start this blog as a way to keep track of my college work and mood boards etc. It then grew into a blog more about myself and my style as well as helping my readers find bargains and how to ‘get the look’! I wasn’t expecting to get as far as I have (not very far but still, it’s awesome that people take the time and read through my posts and peek at my pictures). You can see just through this quickly thrown together collage how much I have grown and developed my personal style through doing this and I love how much it’s helped me.

Blogging has helped me overcome a lot of issues and illnesses in my life and kept me pushing through! After a dog attack in 2012 I lost all confidence I had (due to it being in the centre of my face) and blogging and you guys have slowly helped me pick it back up, you can see the change through my outfit posts! Anyway, just wanted to quickly throw something together for this day. Was planning something more like a video or some stuff but as I say all the time, I have no time to do anything lately. Talk soon anyway, loves.


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