Wishlist 02/04/2014


Nike Roshe Runs £69.99/Office Leather Cap £9.99/Missguided Jersey £14.99/Missguided Knitted Top £14.99/Missguided Ribbed Skirt £12.99/Missguided Lipstick £4.49/Barry M Aztec Block Heels/Coming Soon from FashionChick Jade GHDs £94.99/Hair Trade Croc Skaters £20/Topshop Grey Coat £75/Topshop White Leather Jacket £28/Select Whistles Clutch £60/Asos Jumpsuit £28/Asos

Here comes yet another apology for being really poor with blogging lately! I’ve had so much college work to do and am being drained for hours at work, I’ve simply not had the time. I have however bought a few new things lately which I’m excited to show you! Hopefully if it’s not raining tomorrow I shall be able to get a few nice piccies taken for some outfit posts. Hint here’s something I couldn’t resist showing:

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