DSC_0191small DSC_0193small DSC_0207small DSC_0209small DSC_0213small DSC_0216smallHYPE!/LOOKBOOK.NU

This is just what I wore yesterday to college for a photoshoot! I’ll post the pics soon. I tried to vlog it all but I got so busy and only managed to get video of makeup and hair so it’s pointless editing and uploading :(. Anyway, I love these fishnet sockies, amazing H&M jumper and surprisingly awesome Primark sandals!

The day turned out pretty great in the end and the photos are amazing! The original model I was using couldn’t make it in the end so I had a last minute switch. The models suited perfectly and really did look and give off a whole Bonnie and Clyde feel. I got loads of pictures outside on the canal out the back of my college as well as a few shots in the studio with props.

It really was a great day, fun as well as getting my work done! I’ll fill you in more soon, loves.

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