VLOG #1 | A Weekend In Milton Keynes (My 2nd Home)

So todays post is all about my weekend away in Milton Keynes! MK is pretty much a second home to me, my step-family all live there. I’m super close to my stepsister and ever since I’ve gone down (and had facebook) I’ve got to know so many people from the area and have made some of my best friends that I imagine I will always be close to even through distance.

I arrived down on the 21st of Feb after two trains and a tough walk from Moor Street – New Street Birmingham (I took a lot of clothes and wore hardly any of them, no surprise) and this time I got to stay at my friends own flat in Bletchly. Maisie had a baby last year and has since become the cutest mommy ever! So I got picked up from the train station by Maisie, (Abbie, the sleepy adorable baby) and Alfie! Alfie is literally like a hero for me, he saved most of my face by pulling a dog of me during an attack, luckily he was in the room too. I never stop thanking him though, must get annoying, oopsie.

So the first night was all about finally meeting Abbie and spending time catching up with Mai, of course there was also takeaway food – PIZZA, DR PEPPER & CHEESEY FRIES ♥. I went to bed pretty early as trains really take it out of me. The next day though I finally woke up about 1 – yes I sleep that much, and there was more cuddles and cuteness from Abbie! Thennnnnnnn, my fave stepsister in the world (Gemma) came round and we all had some chats and Abbie snuggles before she went to stay at her Nanny’s :(.

This did mean though – time for alcomahol and drinking games and dancing. We had to take a loooooooong treck to Tesco in Bletchly town to get it all, unluckily – my ID still hasn’t arrived and Gemma had lost hers so Maisie got left with the burden of buying all the things we wanted haha. Anyway, when we got back we cracked open the wine and Dissorono (Yes I am the only person in the world who can’t stand wine) and had a few before another one of my faaaaaave people, Lucy, came round. She even gave Maisie a quick hair cut before she got started! A while later a few more friends came round and yeah it was just really good to see everyone. Also, yes that is a sippy up I am drinking from in the video, I was made to drink out of one of Abbie’s old ones because I am clumsy and kept spilling drinks on the cream carpet, Lucy just wanted to have one hahahahaa.

Anyway, Saturday night was fab except the usually couple of hiccups that drinking and a lot of people but other than that it was awesomesss. Mai even woke me and Gemma up with a fry up! I couldn’t even eat it all though as I had my 2nd ever in my life hangover. I feel so sorry for you guys that get them on a every-time-drinking basis! Later I just had a bath said bye to everyone and Alfie dropped me back at the train station.

It was such a lovely time getting to see everyone and some of my favourite people again! I I was just gutted it was over so fast 😦 I am definitely thinking about going down for a whole week again soon when I have some more money come in, I feel so at home down there! This has been a very wordy post I’m sorry! But, it’s just my first real life and/vlog post. You’ve had a real good look into my life and friends I suppose for the first time! Please let me know if you enjoy it and want more. Speak soon! xoxo

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