Ragged | (Plus new HP glasses)

DSC_0957small DSC_1071small DSC_1074small DSC_1352small DSC_0983 small DSC_0984small DSC_1076small DSC_1085smallHYPE!/LOOKBOOK.NU

| Jacket – Primark | Cropped Sweater – H&M | Tapered Trousers – Next | Sandals & Bag – TK Maxx | Beanie – The Ragged Priest |

I actually had time to blog am I ok? This look has been planned for ages! I’m unsure why it’s just been hung on my door all together but I just haven’t had the chance to wear it or anything yet. These outfit’s I’ll be posting over the next few days are also going to part of of ‘A Week In Outfits’ which I’m going to upload on my YouTube channel next Saturday/Sunday. DO YOU LIKE MY NEW GLASSES? HOW COOL ARE THEY, I AM HARRY POTTER. Also, this is the first time I’ve never edited my scars out of my pictures! It’s finally sunk in that they’re just part of me now and it just goes to show I was strong through what happened. Plus it’s amazing how they look, we never thought I’d have a whole top lip/bottom of a nose again! It’s really boosted my confidence coming to accept that :-)))))))))

Talk soon, Mwah.

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One thought on “Ragged | (Plus new HP glasses)

  1. You look lovely. The Harry Potter glasses in tortoiseshell remind me more of Francis Boulle! Also, just as a side-note, I actually didn’t even notice your scars until you said. I genuinely had to scroll back up to see what you meant. Just remember, scars are never ugly, they hold a story and stories are what life is all about.

    Katie ❤


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