DIY Pastel Highlights | New YouTube Video!

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Apologies for the long break, I thought I may have to stop blogging for a while because of some other things. But, I missed it too much after just one day! Oops.

This is just a little How-To or advice video you could say. I said it’s little but it’s my longest most talky yet! It’s all about I achieved my pastel highlighted look at home with a buddy (okay it was my mom). All you need is:

To Buy

  • Crazy Colour (or similar e.g. Directions) hair colour in whichever shades you wish. I had – Emerald Green, Lavender, Marshmallow Pink & Bubblegum Blue. (If the colours are already pastel that’s fine but if they don’t do a shade you like, feel free to buy a dark one and add conditioner as explained!)
  • A tinting brush for each colour – don’t be silly like me and only use one resulting in having to used forks and spoons hahaha
  • If you wish you can buy pre-cut foils but kitchen foil is fine to use too.
  • Plastic bowls if you don’t have any at home
  • A friend if you don’t have any to help

Need to Grab at Home

  • An old towel to have around your shoulders and for after you washed the colours out
  • Old clothes just in case you get any dye on you, I got loads on me, absolutely covered.
  • Kitchen foil if you didn’t buy any
  • Plastic bowels, they don’t have to be plastic but I think they’re just better for DIY stuff
  • A few hairbands or clips to section your hair.
  • White conditioner if needed


  1. Section your hair into around 4-6 layers depending on the mass and thickness, I separated mine to 5. I made one layer thing followed by quite a chunky layer so my highlights were so precises like having blonde highlights is.
  2. Get sat down comfy on a chair wearing old clothes and a towel over your shoulders, you’ll be sat down about half an hour at least!
  3. Start prepping the colour creams, if you’re adding any conditioner I’d personally do these first! Add a whole load of conditioner and slowly add while mixing the colour until desired. After that put a good amount of each colour in it’s bowl.
  4. You should already have one layer down, now this is what your buddy will be doing for you!
  5. Find your blondest/closest to white strands of hair and apply dye to a few of them (don’t forget to leave some blonde!) Do this by taking some foil under the selected hair and applying the colour from half way down to the end, from the roots all the way down.
  6. Once the hair is covered fold the foil by folding it up twice then in from each side to make sure it is secure.
  7. Make sure that none of the colours are right next to each other!
  8. Continue this through every layer you wish to have highlights, ensuring that the colour you are applying is not the same colour directly underneath.
  9. Now, I left my top layer blonde for now and didn’t touch it just incase I didn’t like it! But, you never know what the future holds.

I hope this was useful for anyone and anyone! It took balls for me to upload such a long talky video, so pretty please don’t hate it! Mwah ♥

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