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♥ Tshirt Dress – H&M / Boots – c.o SpyLoveBuy / Jacket – Thrifted / Sunglasses – Topshop / Jewellery – New Look & Personal ♥



Sorry for the delay of posts! Have been busy with University interviews etc. I went down to Southampton Solent to have my interview there on the Tuesday and stayed until the Thursday, my stepsister is already a student there so I just stayed at her halls with her! We went to a party Wednesday night which was also pretty fun, I just had a great time.

These amazing boots are from SpyLoveBuy – I was gutted that they didn’t have a size 5 left but I was so desperate for them I ended up getting a 6 and just filling my shoes with thick socks haha. They’re actually weirdly comfortable although they’re so huge! I can see myself getting an awful lot of wear out of these I love them muahaha.

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