#23 | Clothes Show 08/12/13 ♥

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This wasn’t the original outfit I had on for the first half I spent at the clothes show – I had on a leather mini and a pastel crop jumper with my fur coat, thigh high socks and platform chunky boots. But for some reason my leather skirt just started peeling and falling apart 😦 so I had to go back to the hotel and change!

A month or so ago – I found out I had won a competition to go to the Clothes Show VIP style and have a one night stay over at the Hilton Metropole complete with complimentary dinner & breakfast! How exciting. I also won an Alcatel One Touch HD phone (which was fab for my, my iPhone has been broken for about 4 months and I don’t upgrade until next summer!). The day finally came on Sunday for me to go and I was so excited! The only gutting thing was that I only had about £50 spare from my wages to spend and £20 of that had to go on train tickets :(. Boo for living so far away from everything. So obviously I didn’t get much, but the stalls were fab and the show was simply amazing, I loved it so much! The styling too, oh my it was so perfect! After finally watching a Clothes Show Live fashion show, I’ve now decided my goal for the next 10-20 years is to style it myself one year (I should be so lucky). It’s such a fun show full of everything as well as a simple runway, dancing, singing! It’s just great. I will try to do a post/vlog about all my fave looks and stalls/shops soon. The only thing that bothered me is that when I won I was told I would receive a goody bag, VIP seats and VIP access to things, which I didn’t actually receive even though asking. I was told I couldn’t have any of that :(, was a bummer.

The first thing I bought was a Barry M goodie-bag worth £60 for just £10 which included 5 nail varnishes and a couple eye makeup products such as liners and dazzle dust…

DSC_0433 DSC_0434 DSC_0435

Then I purchased my fave thing of the day from a shop called ‘Mooch Vintage’ in the vintage section of the store. They had so many vintage nba jerseys and jackets etc I was in heaven! I got a Chicago Bulls vintage Michael Jordan jersey for just £15 which is amazing as everywhere I have been looking for one the past year has been at least £40! Was so, so happy with that.

The last little thing I bought was a Rimmel goody bag for my last £5 which included a tester of Wake Me Up foundation, instant tan, Scandal Eyes mascara and some dark nail varnish.


I did have a fab day at the Clothes Show, spending most of my time in the vintage section and looking at big statement gold necklaces while also watching a few of the Top Model/Diet Coke shows. The hotel stay was amazing too, the room was really pretty! It was a ‘Queen Executive Suite’ which had a pretty big bed, flat screen TV, a small sofa, table and dressing table along with a lovely view. The dinner and breakfast were both buffets which was AMAZING. Tom had a curry AND a roast dinner within 30 minutes, how awesome is that?! Haha anyways talk soon lovelies, mwah.

9d389c14601b11e3bfe40e0117d7f8d9_8 The room ♥

(PS apologise for the lack of photos/videos, my camera died! I’m awful)

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