Parental Advisory

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If you do read my blog often, you’ll know that I purchased this gorgeous, gorgeous oversized t-shirt dress from Missguided on pay day last month! I have been saving it for the perfect outfit, I had to wait 20 days for my shoes and obviously having my memory card stolen etc. you know the story! But the other day I finally got the chance to get some shots and I love it. This is definitely one of my most favourite outfits I’ve ever put together for myself, it’s just so me.

I spotted the dress when going through Missguided’s new in page as I tend to do everyday and fell in love with it. I saw it in black first but when I saw the white I knew I had to buy it (of course, it’s white duh). They also sell crop top versions of this and they’re gorgeous too! These shoes as well though, oh my god, I’ve been wanting them for months and months and months and I finally treated myself to them last month too, I found the store ‘My Mum Made It’ on Instagram a few months ago and it’s so pretty, it’s all minimal and monochrome and just so beautiful ♥

I finished off the outfit with my parental advisory beanie from eBay, my pixelated xl heart earrings from Claire’s Accessories, a greek sort of printed bangle from New Look, statement black chain necklace from Next, a black GShock watch and of course my Michael Kors astor bracelet from Tom (that’s a lot of accessories haha oopsie). I’ve been wearing my glasses a lot recently but I’ve realised they make me look rather strange in photographs because of the way I have to look out of them, so I think I shall be putting  my contact lenses in for the future! Talk soon, mwah.

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