The Glamorous…

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(Reason for the name, Tom sang Fergie – Glamorous and now it’s stuck in my head!)

So a while ago I teamed up with Excite Clothing to bring you some pretty posts! Well, I managed to get the one out there (tartan mini skirt) but after that I got really ill and THEN my memory card got robbed and work is crazy busy! So I haven’t had much time or luck. Today after college I finally got the time to grab some pictures quickly. I think this dress just needed a whole ‘glamorous’ sort of vintage look to it. So I opted for a black faux fur coat, a classy ankle strap shoe and silver accessories (ps I love this bag, £10 in an old New Look Sale! Got an extra £1 off too as it was scratched, hehe.) I through my hair up into a bun as I thought it made the whole look feel right. I had to add a silver chain didn’t I!

Anyway I really do love this dress from Excite Clothing, it’s so soft and comfortable, and fits really really well. I don’t usually opt for bodycon dresses as I have an unusual triangle sort of shape, (big hips and bum, no upper curves) but this dress really does fit me well. It also makes you look a bit more of a woman on top if you get what I mean. Hahaha. I have a lot more outfit posts coming up for you guys now! So don’t go anywhere. Mwah.

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