Wednesday Wishlist! 23/10/2013

Wednesday Wishlist! 23/10/2013

So this post is a bit late but it’s still Wednesday 😉 I’ve had an absolutely mad day! Today with the college we collaborated with Kemp Hospice and a load of others and it was finally the day of the fashion show. It was absolutely crazy as a fashion show is but it turned out so fabulously, gutted I didn’t get any photographs during the show but my camera died! Just waiting on the ones from the photographer hehe.

I was makeup and hair for today as well as dressing/styling and I loved it so much! Here are a couple pictures of the models I’ve uploaded so far…

But, anyway! About the post: So I’ve decided as I haven’t got a memory card right now so I can’t get many outfit posts I will start doing this once a week along with all my other posts, it’s a Wednesday Wishlist! It’ll be from what I’ve been looking at over the past 7 days and have just really, really fell in love with! This week there is quite a lot oopsie!

1. White Sandals – Oh My Love

Wow I adore these, they are so much like the pairs made so popular by Topshop recently but just more me! I have written a lot about these on my previous post if you want to know more!

2. Striped Bomber Jacket – eBay

Ah this is so awesome! Reminds me of baseball? Haha. I love my bomber jackets and this is just so unusual I haven’t seen one like it anywhere! I can imagine it with a velvet skater dress underneath and a pair of canvas heels or something hmm.

3. Jordan Retro V

I swear I have wanted these SO bad for SO long now, I just can never fork out the £80 at once for them but I swear I will own them one day, I will! (I won’t :()

4. Rich Fashion Advisory Cropped Sweater – eBay

I have been searched EVERYWHERE for one of these sweatshirts that I like, ever since the Alexander Wang ss14 show I’ve been desperate for one and I finally found one on eBay! Yay!

5. Mom Jeans – eBay

Loving eBay this week like always oops, I’ve not been too sure on jeans lately as I’ve never been a fan. I loved boyfriend jeans but they’ve never been right for me, but I’ve found my love for mom jeans! They’re gorg

6. Bambi Sweater – eBay

More eBay omg, so I cannot explain my love for Givenchy’s bambi sweater. It’s my fave disney movie! No princesses for me it’s all about Bambi and Thumper. So this sweater made a come about and jesus I can’t help it I need one!

7. White Boyfriend Jacket – eBay

The boyfriend jacket shape for this Autumn/Winter is so perfect, the cut is amazing and the length is beautiful! I love the way this one is almost like a lab coat, I don’t know why it just sticks out to me!

8. Checkered Boyfriend Jacket – eBay

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand another one. Loves them don’t I! I saw some blogger wearing this to fashion week and  I’m not sure who it was but I’ve looked in every high street store to find it but I couldn’t! However, scrolling around eBay I came across this bad boy woo.

So here are 8 things that I am seriously in love with right now and would KILL for. What are you wishing for at the mo? Talk soon, mwah.

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