3 Ways to Wear Tartan, pt.3



Tartan Skirt – Exciteclothing.com
Vest, socks, shoes, bag, sunglasses & necklace – eBay
Versace denim jacket – vintage
Chain bracelet – Next

Michael Kors astor bracelet

As I said, the other week I was contacted by Excite Clothing. This skirt here is one of the items I chose to blog about! It’s this gorgeous, stretchy tartan print skirt with a zip straight through the front. What I really love to is that it actually unzips! Most things just have decorative zips, fake pockets etc. but I loved this. It’s also so comfy, I have worn it all day to college and it hasn’t irritated my one bit. It’s fits so nicely!

I teamed this beautiful skirt with my boyfriend’s Versace denim jacket (which I bought him for his birthday a couple weeks ago), a loose black vest, my new cut out booties with cute frilly socks and my eBay bargain bag! Looks a bit like a Vivienne Westwood logo huh? I wish it was! You can’t see all of my jewellery very well but I am wearing some of my favourites – lion head necklace, chain bracelet, anniversary ring and my perfect Michael Kors Astor bracelet off Tom. Of course I had to add a pair of sunnies too!

This isn’t a very out there outfit for me, I think it is pretty casual and ‘average’ for me, but in a way I just love it, especially the comfort :-). I am trying to find the time to blog as much as I usually do and get my second youtube video done but I am SO swamped. All I seem to do is go to college and work, work, work! It’ll sort out soon, promise.

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