Rihanna For River Island Faves.

Rihanna For River Island Faves.

I’ll be straight, I think Rihanna’s last collection for River Island was much more me, a lot more ‘classy’. But the time she’s gone for the whole ‘G’ look and she’s pulled it off. There are plenty of items I would absolutely love to wear but the thing that kills it for me is the ‘G 4 LIFE’ text. I literally have fallen in love with the baseball jersey dress, it’s so perfect and so perfectly me and then I looked at the back of the image and I just can’t bring my self to wear it! I did however, find another jersey dress I love. I am a huge fan of basketball jerseys and basketball the sport itself, so this is so me! Such a feminine way to go about it.

However there are a few items without the text on which I absolutely adore and am still thinking of getting, my next favourite is the cropped jersey, I am LOVING the yellow she has stuck into her AW13 collection, also barely there sandals are my fave so I had to throw two pairs in that I loved. I don’t usually go for camo but Ri has made these sandals look so chic.

The denim jacket! Oh lord it’s so beautiful, I did have my own one very similar, it was vintage actually. However, it has just disappeared and I am clueless as to where it’s gone. It’s really upset me actually I’ve had so many opportunities that I have wanted to wear it and just couldn’t! The other little bits I love are the plain black bralet and the faux fur backpack. I’ve been looking for a simple bra/bralet like this, plain black and this one right here is so cute. I also have so many backpacks, I’m just too obssessed with them and would kill to add this to my little collection.

So I can’t say I’m an absolutely huge fan of the collection this season but there are a couple gems I genuinely do really, really like! Shop my choices here:

| Baseball Dress | Jersey DressDenim Jacket |Crop Jersey | Bralet | Black Sandals| Camo Sandals | Backpack |


One thought on “Rihanna For River Island Faves.

  1. My god, everything you’ve said is so true, I am in complete agreement! I bought the bra top today, though am thinking it was kind of pointless seeing as it’s so cold up here! NIghts out I guess 🙂 Love your posts, good work x



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