Lion ’86.





More TK Maxx clothing ah sorry guys! I just have so much to show you from my winnings!

I saw this top MONTHS ago and really liked it but never had the chance to go and buy it (or the funds) but I saw it in the sale section when I went in to spend my voucher and it was down to just £10 so I couldn’t resist. I also really liked the look of these chiffon trousers, now it’s not the sort of thing I’d usually go for – ever, but I thought I’d switch my style up a little bit, I can’t be getting bored!

You should know by now if you have been following for a while how much I absolutely love ‘barely there/ankle strap’ sandals. I purchased my first gorgeous pair in the end of last season sale. First of all a few days earlier I fell in love with a beautiful pair of these that were metallic/holographic silver, which I have been searching for a pair that colour for SO, so long. I also found these ones that I am wearing here but I couldn’t find my size anywhere. But, guess what?! I went in to use my voucher and they were there perfectly in my size! Obviously meant to be. Then as usual I’ve added my cute thrift shop finds (mainly bags) and my eBay jewellery. I’ve gone very different for this look, not usually me but I really like it! Hope you do too! Mwah x

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