Brooklyn ’96.

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This jersey here is one of the gorgeous items I picked up after being announced one of the winners of TK Maxx’s 50 ways to wear it competition. I actually picked up quite a few similar t-shirts out of my spendings which I will definitely be posting about soon!  I paired it up with my Next ribbed knitted pencil skirt which I adore, it’s so comfy and warm. It’s going to be perfect for the Autumn/Winter seasons!

The boots I am wearing are one of my usual cheeky little finds on eBay, I did post a few photographs of them a couple posts back! I just love them, they’re so pretty. They seem to be based loosely on the timberland boot but a lot more minimalist and girly. Perfect <3. The final touches were my second hand clutch and leaf necklace plus a gold chain anklet again from ebay!

I’m so sorry I’ve been extremely inactive the past few weeks, I’ve been working like mad before I have to go down to a couple of hours a week due to college! Which I am starting again Friday by the way, it’s going to be so weird getting back into the routine of things, although I will love being surrounded by all my fashion styling work as well as my day to day outfits. I honestly cannot wait until I’m back! The college has been a bit rubbish though, they’ve kicked the fashion students out of the FASHION ROOM?! For meetings and offices.Even though it was built for all of us just last year! Bit silly if you ask me. Anyway, talk tomorrow mwah.

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