Denim Distressing!

Being involved in fashion – EVERYONE needs to be able to distress a pair of denim shorts. I had my first go today!

So the story is basically me and my boyfriend won a few bids on Ebay the other day and this one item was a pair of Versace jeans, but they arrived and were a bit boring and didn’t fit him well. So we decided I should have a go cutting them into shorts and distressing them. The results actually turned out really well!

I started off with pinning and cutting the shorts to where I wanted them (a bit longer than they would be due to rolling them up afterwards). Then I got my tools! Most people choose sandpaper or knives but I went for a much more rough file aha. Which was clearly a good choice as it looked so nice and it was done in about an hour or so.

My technique to distress these shorts was leaning on the side of my surface with a used piece of denim under the bits I was distressing and just filing the denim away! I pulled it tight by leaning on it with my elbow then just got into it :).

Here’s the results!


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