Here’s an Outfit for Coachella weekend 2!

Coachella outfitSorry about all the spamming with my college work! I need to put it up on my blog here too. So to make up for it I’ve created a gorgeous Neon Trend inspired outfit for Coachella weekend 2! I’ve mixed a few neon colours together with simple whites/creams and a light denim pair of shorts so it’s not too over the top. A little shirt over a cute bustier top can cover it up a bit more, showing less skin while still showing off the beautiful lace!

1. Bustier – Topshop £14
2. Shorts – Ark £19.99
3. Necklace – New Look £5.99
4. Boots – New Look £64.99
5. Neon Sheer Shirt – Topshop £38
6. Hat – Forever 21 £8.90
7. Bracelet Set – New Look £6.99
8. Belt – Forever 21 £3.15



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